ICIMN 2016

Mexico City | August 16-18, 2016

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Authors are invited to submit papers of not more than four pages for technical content including figures and references, with one optional page containing only references.

The extro pages require extro registration fee.

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Send your submission to Electronic Submission System (.pdf).

Or directly send paper to icimn@asr.org.

Call for Papers

The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:

Intelligent Materials
• Intelligent inorganic non-metallic material
• Intelligent polymer materials
• Intelligent polymer membrane materials
• Intelligent polymer adhesives
• Intelligent polymer matrix composites
• Intelligent material and structure
• Optical fiber and semiconductor materials
• Spaceintelligence material
• Shape memory materials
• Textile intelligence material
• Medical intelligent materials
• Military intelligence material
• Building intelligent material
• Conductive materials
• Adaptive material and structure
• Environmental protection with intelligence material

Nanomaterials Synthesis and Properties
• Synthetic methods for nanostructures
• Characterisation of Nanomaterials
• Organic, Inorganic, biomedical and macromolecular nanomaterials
• Various nanostructures: nanoparticle,nanowires, nanorod, and nanotube, etc.
• nanostructured ceramic
• nanostructured thin films and coatings
• Nanocomposites
• mechanical,thermal, electronic, and optical properties of nanomaterials
• modification of nanomaterials
• Nano Devices and System
• modelling and simulation of nanomaterials and nanodevice
• Nanoscale process engineering
• nano-surface engineering
• nanodevice fabrication
• system integration, NEMS

Nano materials, Technologies for Applications
• Bulk nanostructured materials
• Nanobiomaterials
• Nanoelectronic and magnetic materials
• Nanotechnology education
• Novel approaches
• Nano materials and technologys for photovoltaic device
• Nano materials and technology for energy generation and energy conversion application
• Nano materials and technology for biology and medicine
• Nano materials and technology for sensor and actuators
• Nano materials and technology for Thin Film Transistor (TFT)
• Nano materials and technology for environmental application
• Nano materials and technology for optoelectronics and photonics
• Nano materials and technology for computer technology
• Nano materials and technology for communication

Materials/Manufacturing Processes
• Process development and process control
• Materials Forming & Machining
• Modelling, Simulation & Optimisation of advanced and nano
• Application of Nanomaterials in mining, metallurgical, electrical, chemical and pharmaceutical and other industries
• Surface Engineering and Coatings
• New material characterization methods
• Novel nanomanufacturing methods
• New directions of material research
• Information Technology in Material Designing